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Party Time
A political party can help a dictator maintain his control or topple his regime in an instant. What's the right amount of political parties?
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Contraception and Solar Eclipses
Words like "penumbras" and "emanations" are normally used to describe solar eclipses. So what do they have to do with Constitution?
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Satan v. Christmas
The Supreme Court has said that states cannot restrict free speech; it has also said they cannot inhibit religion. So what to do about a satanic statue in the Illinois statehouse?
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James Madison once stated, “A popular Government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or perhaps both.”  Thomas Jefferson put it even more succinctly when he declared, “Information is the currency of democracy.” It is with the basic idea in mind of providing information citizens need to make good decisions that I started my podcast – Slept in Government Class. I later expanded my efforts to this online resource.  Slept in Class Educational Media is dedicated to providing information on civics and history in an informed and unbiased manner.

The Slept in Government Class podcast and articles are my initial attempt to address this need. The episodes and articles directly address issues that citizens need to understand how their own government works. Politicians make many promises, issue dire warnings, and refer to their political opponents as evil people. This podcast and these articles will help listeners and readers cut through the nonsense and make up their own, well-informed minds.

Busy Dictator: Tips and Tricks for the Tyrant on the Go has a bit of a different genesis. This content intends to help people learn a little comparative politics – another course I regularly teach. Rather than follow the format of Slept in Government Class. I decided to take a little inspiration from Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. In this essay, Swift seeks to bring attention to the suffering of the poor of Ireland by suggesting the children be sold and eaten thus providing both nourishment to the rich and income for the poor. In My Busy Dictator satire articles and episodes, I seek to enlighten and entertain about the devious methods employed by dictators to rig elections, control political parties, and embezzle money through the format of an “advice for dictators” approach.

I hope you enjoy my work but more importantly, I hope you are informed by it. Please email me with any questions, concerns or suggestions for new topics. I would love to hear from you.